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Why DayangPA?

Having a Personal Assistant is an economical sense. When everything is done, you become more productive and efficient with your life which increase your productivity throughout the day. 


We safeguard your privacy and confidential information

Skilled and Experienced

Our Personal Assistants are specifically assigned to their tasks according to their specialisations

Quality Delivery

Client satisfaction is our main priority for all tasks


Enjoy full-time Personal Assistant services at the cost of a part-timer. 

About Us

DayangPA is a product of Avertu Management Services (Est. 2014) and it focuses on the provision of personal assistant & social secretary services.  The name ‘dayang’ is derived historically from female attendants that were present in the royal palaces of Brunei in the past. It is a famously known image amongst Bruneians that brings to mind the idea of convenience created by the assistances given by the ‘dayang’ of the royal palaces.


In this modern era where everyone is occupied with their own personal affairs, familial responsibilities and careers; time is of the essence. To attend to every single task within a limited time frame can be challenging and overwhelming. DayangPA is formed based on the idea of providing assistances and supports to those who need them. This is done through a proper platform where inquiries and requests on the services offered by DayangPA can be fulfilled.


The goal of DayangPA is to ensure the delivery of assistances in order to create convenience for people by providing them with satisfactory services. Any overwhelming tasks that have to be attended within a short time frame can easily be dealt with on behalf by our personal assistants so you can focus more on your top priorities!


Our personal assistants are trained and experienced in a wide range of services from doing various administrative paperwork to doing basic accounting, other business relative tasks and other personal affairs. With just a few clicks away, you can have us at your service!


Our company has embedded honesty, responsibility, efficiency, trust, good relationships and confidentiality as a foundation. Clients can be assured that we uphold the embedded values dearly when we carry out tasks on their behalf.